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Beyond the Bio

Standard author bios are boring. They only give you a small glimpse into who the author is. So, let's go beyond the bio.

What do you want to know about me?

I started writing in high school. I stopped when I went to college and started again 2008. Since that I started writing again, I haven't stopped. I published my first book, Road to Redemption, in October 2016. After that came the year I decided to take my writing seriously. 2018 when I released Depths of Darkness and signed my first publishing contract for my next full novel, Feathers and Fae. In 2019 I expanded my horizons and started writing short stories, microfiction, and drabbles. I've now had work published in multiple anthologies. 

Of course, when I am not writing or editing, I can often be found competing in dog shows and dog sports. Or driving to BC or Saskatchewan to visit family. But mostly, you'll find me writing or editing. Of course, no surprise here, I also work a full-time job on top of all of this in the Alberta oilfield. 

If you want to know something that I don't talk about here, drop me an email or get in touch via one of my social media sites. I will do my best to try to answer your questions!

Crysta L. Kirkham

Treble. She was a wonderful gift from my best friend who breeds standard poodles. Her registered name is LaBelles All About That Bass. She is a Canadian Grand Champion and currently has her Novice Rally-Obedience title and her Herding Instinct Certificate. I compete in dog sports with her and we travel around the country just to compete. She is also a certified therapy dog. This winter we get to start visiting seniors home centres where she can go work her wonderful poodle magic on people who could use it.

Missy. She was born in the summer of 1999. She's was with me ever since my days in Vancouver. She was a dumpster kitten and the vet told my bestie (who first adopted Missy) that she wasn't going to make it. She proved him wrong. Sh ewas more commonly referred to as Princess and slept cuddled in my arms.

She passed away July 2020, and I miss having her as my number one editor and quality control officer. 

Tybalt. He's my bunny. You don't see much of him on my Instagram feed. He is also a rescue and not always the most sociable bunny. He loves kale and I am hoping one day to be able to put the effort into training him so he can be a more active part of my household. He's my first bunny so it's a bit of a learning curve. (The picture is him as a baby)

Nahni. This beautiful baby girl is a rescued Australian Shepherd. She came to me in January 2018 at just 10 months old. She'd spent her entire life until this time chained up outside. She's a delightful little girl - if a somewhat neurotic. She enjoys her morning snuggles and will often fall asleep beside me, staring at me (you get used to these things). 

She's been doing great on her road to recovery. She now also love car rides and licking everything in sight. This is a dog that cannot control her licker. 

2018-10-08 14.30.04.jpg

Freddie. She is the daughter of my girl, Treble. In fact, she was the only girl in the litter of seven puppies. Her registered name, pending CKC approval, is LaBelle's Killer Queen—though she is most often referred to as 'baby shark'. She's got personality plus, and I am hoping that she will be my competitive sports dog. 

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