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Services Offered

With all my experience working for publishers and owning my own publishing company, I have decided to offer my expertise on a freelance basis. While I can do everything from cover design to editing to formatting, I only offer two of these services on this page, though feel free query me regarding other services.

Developmental Editing
Red Pen

So, you wrote a story—now what?


Now you need someone to help bring your story that little something extra so that it can be self-published or submitted to a publisher or agent. My goal is to help you achieve that.

My Process


I use a gentle touch when editing. Any spelling, grammatical errors, or obviously missing words, I will fix. I believe in preserving the author's voice which means I will not change your words or order of words for you. I will, however, give suggestions and leave notes where wording needs to change.


All in-line edits are done with 'Track Changes' on. I will also include comments and notes regarding character and plot development. I have even been known to do added research to help make sure you have the details right.

If there are any specific concerns or questions you have in regards to your story, please include that with your manuscript so that I can keep those things in mind as I edit. I also try to make myself available after editing if you have any additional questions regarding the feedback and changes that have been made.

I know what it's like to be a struggling author which is why I've done my best to keep my rates as reasonable as possible.


For most developmental edits, I charge $40 USD or $50 CAD per 3000 words to a max of $300 USD or $400 CAD per 25K words.


This includes an option of a second pass if you believe it is necessary after the first set of edits are incorporated. 

How to hire me

Please use the form on the contact page to find out my current availability and timeline for freelance edits. If I do take on the work, you will be sent a contract and manuscript format preference for editing. 

Interior Book Formating
Open Book

Formatting can be a tough thing to get right when you're publishing your own novels. From making sure you have the right margins on all sides of your page to trying to add those beautiful finishing touches, it can be overwhelming.

A beautiful interior is as important as that cover. Don't let the wow factor fade when your reader opens the book.


All of my prices are based on a manuscript format of 12 pt Times New Roman, 1.5 spacing, standard 1" margins, on 8x10 (letter) sized pages. The rate stated is for a maximum of 200 pages and no more than 20 chapters. If there are more chapter headings or the novel is larger than this, the surcharge $5 USD per 3 chapters or 20 pages. 


My rates are negotiable for the extra pages and/or chapters, but do keep in mind that the more chapter headings, the more work it will take format a novel. 

eBook Only: Embedded cover, clickable table of contents, scene divider images are included (there may be a charge for  licensing fees if required). An ePub and mobi version are provided. Price starts $50 USD. 

Print interior: Table of contents by request only, scene divider images are included (there may be a charge for licensing fees if required). A PDF X1-a and docx final format are provided. Price starts at $70 USD.

Both eBook and print interior: You will receive everything listed in the previous two descriptions. Price starts at $100 USD.

How to hire me

Please use the form on the contact page to  find out my current availability and timeline for interior print formatting. If I do take on the work, you will be sent a contract, the base manuscript formatting requirements, and a check list of what I require to complete the formatting.

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