That's right. I do more than write. I actually am involved in two different podcasts that are aimed at writers and the writing community.

Here's where you can find and listen to me:


SQUIRREL! A behind-the-scenes podcast about writing, indie publishing, and ALL THE SHINY THINGS!
New episodes on the 15th and the 30th (or last day) of every month. We alternate between individual author interviews and writing-related topics!

Got a suggestion? Hit us up on Twitter @squirrelwriters

You can find us in most places that stream podcasts: https://anchor.fm/squirrel-writers

An opinion podcast about writing, the writing community, and how not be an asshole author.

All views expressed in this podcast are entirely my own, devised with the knowledge and research available to me at the time of recording. They do not represent the opinions of any other entity with which I have been, am now, or will be affiliated. However, I am human and subject to error. Gentle correction of anything I may have gotten horribly wrong.

Starting January 2021: https://anchor.fm/not-safe-for-words

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