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New Perish is a technological wonder in a land gone dark. War, famine and disease have decimated much of the world. Only a few beacons of society remain and technology is all they have left to rely on for survival. GLE is the corporation that keeps the people of New Perish alive by using Trackers to find those who use or develop unapproved technology. They are chosen from orphans that are healthy enough to be able to survive the modding and forced to serve until the tech used to create them, kills them.

Lara is the youngest Tracker ever created. Maybe that’s why she’s managed to live longer than anyone before her. Modded at only 12 years old as an experiment, she managed to override the coding that kept her loyal to GLE and escape into the desolate wastelands outside of the New Perish bubble.

Now, at 17 years old, she needs to return to find her old friend “The Butcher” who is capable of repairing an arm damaged in an altercation. She’s ready to run as soon as she's is fixed, but he wants her help to find out who is behind a new liquitech drug called “Gateway”. She's got nothing left to lose since the tech is starting to do what everyone expected it to do—kill her—but the shocking truth that she uncovers might also save her life.

Available in ebook format only: 

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