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Shadows of Fate

Falling Light

Love comes in many forms: family, friendship, romance. But when those you love are considered forbidden, what do you do?

Samir Amin has dedicated his life in service to the Nergal, an ancient organization that monitors and polices the inter-dimensional beings on our world and the magic that summons them. The only dark mark on his career is his close friendship with Anela Masterson—a being that was long ago trapped in a human body and forced to live near powerless in our world.

When Anela introduces him to Keeler Lim, another being trapped like her, on the condition he keeps it a secret from the Nergal, he does so reluctantly.  Things only become more complicated when Anela is kidnapped by a madman who wants to release her darkness on the world and, unwilling to be forced to stand on the sidelines, Samir asks Keeler to help him find and rescue her. 

It is a decision that causes Samir to be faced with a choice between love and duty—and it could cost him his life.

Released June 8, 2021: Get it Now

Falling Light
Check out my excerpt videos on YouTube.  (from the original release)

Posted every Sunday and Wednesday from August 2, 2020 to September 6, 2020

Rising Darkness

Solving the problem of how to keep Samir alive isn't a simple matter. Most the in non-corporeal realm are hesitant to even help them—and not even sure that they can.

Things are made more complicated by the fact that what Keeler did to save Samir has brought him to the attention of a dangerous being. One that is bent on revenge against the non-corporeal realm that Keeler and Anela once called home, and it will stop at nothing to achieve its goals.

No matter what decision Samir makes—to live or allow himself to die—the universe is at risk simply because of what has been done to him.

As Samir willingly walks to his fate, other plans are being made without his knowledge. Will the struggle to save his life be in vain? And if he survives, what will it mean for his relationship with Keeler?

Rising Darkness

Saving the world isn't enough to guarantee a happy-ever-after.

For Keeler and Samir, the one thing that stands in the way of their chance for a relationship is the Nergal and the organization that funds them, the Laibiruzi Institute.  Anela, Samir, and Keeler are on the run as they try to finish what Samir's father, Hamid, had started years ago. 

However, taking down an ancient, secret organization is never an easy task. Even with  help from the inside, there are those who refuse to let go of the power they hold over the world—those who will stop at nothing to keep it. 


Sacrifices will be made and compromises will stretch the limits of love, friendship, and family. 

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