Shadows of Fate

Kyanite Publishing recently decided to close their doors at the end of 2020.  Which means this series is currently out of print. 

However, Falling Light will be getting re-published in 2021 through Dark Brew Press

So keep your eyes open for the exciting re-release of this novel and the debut of the sequel. ANd a BRAND NEW look. A third book in the series, Penumbra, will also be introduced. 

For those who bought the original cover of Falling Light and would like the matching cover for the second book in the series, please contact me directly and we will be able to arrange something for paperback only. 

Falling Light

Shadows of Fate: Book One

Samir Amin has dedicated his life in service of the Nergal, an ancient organization that polices the inter-dimensional beings on our world and the magic that summons them. When an old friend reaches out for help against the wishes of his superiors, Samir must choose between love and duty–and it could cost him his life.

Temporarily Out of Print

Rising Darkness

Shadows of Fate: Book Two

Published by Dark Brew Press.

Publication Date: 2021

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