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Kyanite Publishing recently decided to close their doors at the end of 2020.  Which means this novel is currently out of print. 

However, Feathers and Fae will be getting re-edited and a facelift before being re-released as a self-published novel. 

So keep your eyes open for a new, exciting edition of this novel. 


Emmett and Kami have always been best friends, but Emmett’s shadowy past catches up with him when a dark force chases them into the realm of Mythos. In this strange world, Kami is suddenly able to tell whether a person is being honest or not, and she discovers that everything Emmett has ever told her was a lie – even his name.

Despite this, Emmett needs Kami to trust him enough to get her back to safety as the dangerous journey ahead puts their friendship to the test. As dark forces close in on them, the web of lies Emmett has built begins to unravel and Kami demands the truth; a truth that will shake the foundations of everything she ever believed.

Temporarily Out of Print

From the Feathers and Fae Book Launch

Want to know more?

Check out my blog posts to find out more about the creation of the world of Mythos and what went into writing the incredible journey of Emmett and Kami in Feathers and Fae. 

And check back for more updates about this exciting new novel.

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