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Where the Sun Always Shines

~A Happy Endings Anthology~
Swimming Sun

Where the Sun Always Shines

~An Anthology of Feel Good Stories~

When the idea first came to me, I thought it was an impossible thing to do - putting together an anthology on such short notice. However, within a few days, I had people willing to volunteer their time for editing, formatting and cover design. Kyanite Publishing has even offered to host the anthology for downloads from their site.

Now, I need all you talented writers to help me finish making this collection a reality. An anthology of feel good fiction for those who need a happy place to escape to during these dark times. 

This anthology is intended to be free now and always. No one will make a dime from this—ever. 

What We Are Looking for...

The idea of this anthology is to provide people with escapism stories with feel good, happy endings. By escapism, what we are looking for are stories that allow readers to forget about what is happening in the world and live another life, if only for a few words. 

Length: 500 - 4000 words
This is a soft target. You will not be dismissed for over or under these targets. 

Up to two submissions are allowed if one of the submissions is under 1500 words

Genre: Any and all genres are welcome, however, we would prefer stories that are not overly explicit.
(So, happy ending-yes, "happy endings"-no)

Poetry of any length is welcome.

Deadline: Tuesday, April 7, 2020

We want to get these stories out to people who need them, and they need them now. 

Submission Guidelines

Please attach the story in the email as a Word document (.doc or .docx). A short synopsis would be nice, but necessary. 

Please do use standard manuscript format.
(double space, non-tabbed indents, TNR 12 pt preferred). 

Please make sure the story has your author name, email address and story title included on the first page with the approximate word count and genre.

All stories regardless of previously published status are welcome so long as you hold the rights to the story and it is your own original work. 

Please send submissions to with “Sunshine Anthology - STORY TITLE - AUTHOR NAME” in the subject line.

Please also include a short bio of no more than 100 words including links in the body of the email. Everyone contributing gets full credit for their work, of course.

What to Expect

This is an unpaid anthology. As already stated no one involved is making any money from this. 

This anthology will be free to everyone during these dark times and authors will retain all rights to their work. 

Are You In?

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